Let us reveal what colors to wear in '21 to conquer your world

Color Horoscope


Aries, fasten your seat belts! 2021 will resonate well with your fiery spirit and with the planetary stellium in Aquarius from the beginning of February, you’ll have the opportunity to radically redefine your social circles. Breaking up with some acquaintances will be difficult, but necessary during the eclipses in May, June and December. The good news is that the conjunction of Venus and the Sun that takes place on March 26th will reward you with radiant love thrills where the perfect color to attracts those romantic universal vibes is green, specifically dark. You will also be inspired to take professional risks, especially during the retrograde course of Venus after December 19th to early 2022. Those of you, wishing to flourish professionally should wear yellows towards the end of the year.


Even if you do not necessarily feel ready, the square of Saturn and Uranus from February 17th will lead to irreversible changes in your life. Career-wise, you will reach unexpected heights if you wear off-white or neutral palettes. Your sweetest moment in 2021 is July 13th, when Venus and Mars kiss, igniting your romantic flames, when it is advisable to wear pink to attract positive love change. The lunar eclipse, which aligns with your sun sign on November 19th, challenges you to trust and be vulnerable with your intimate partners. The influx of this gentle energy can completely renew your emotional landscape.


All eyes are on you, Gemini! The only question is if you feel comfortable standing in the spotlight? Jupiter will generously give you his blessing when he enters Pisces from May 13th to July 28th. During this time you will enjoy unexpected professional achievements and you will gain solid self-confidence which you may amplify by dressing in screaming colors such as pink or orange. Be careful during the retrograde Mercury passing through your sun from May 29th to June 22th, which will infuse ambiguity and confusion about your future moves. All the eclipses in 2021 leave you lost in emotions, urging you to get rid of relationships and situations that no longer work for you. To transition smoothly through this period you should wear dark greens that will support you spiritually.


Cancers, you’ll regain your strength this year! This means that you will not allow anyone or anything to hinder your success anymore. The new cycle of Venus from March 26th will make you recognized for your works and will offer you an incredible job opportunity which you can speed attract by dressing in orange. The universe gives you green light for financial success on July 13th, when Venus and Mars coincide. The possibilities seem endless when Jupiter enters Pisces from May 13th to July 28th and December 28th. Be vigilant about eclipses, and do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by emotions that may seem permanent but turn out to be temporary. To avoid such love confusion, show up to the part in brown.


2021 will be the year of the great off-road. Your love life will enjoy not one or two fireworks that you can speed attract by wearing pink or orange. Flexibility and adaptability will be the necessary qualities that will restore the brilliance of your star after this passionate turbulence. You might be promoted around July 13th. A unique professional opportunity is provided during the lunar eclipse on November 19th that can again be amplified by dressing in the color pink.


This year, work will be the focal point of your cosmic mood thanks to a dynamic professional project. Th eclipses in May, June and December will elevate your status and bring a long-awaited financial fortune which you’ll be prone to attract were you to wear soft browns. Find balance in your life and concentrate on taking care of yourself so that you can enjoy your success. In terms of love, you will want to give your best to another, creating your own magically romantic tale when Jupiter transits Pisces from May 13th to July 28th. To capture more of the universal love vibrations, wear purple.


This year there is room for expression of your most valuable quality - fair peacekeeping! Focus you whole energy and pay attention to the needs of everyone in your life especially around March 26th during the new cycle of Venus. In the summer, you will begin to feel exhaustion from toxic people in your social circle during the conjunction of Venus and Mars in Leo. Prepare for those turbulent events by wearing yellow. Stand by yourself and seek the recognition you deserve from your surroundings in July. During Mercury's retrograde motion over your sun from September 27 to October 23, you will notice changes in your relationships with others. At the end of the year on December 19, Venus, starting a reversal, will push you to balance and rearrange your social needs. Intensify the reception of Venuses energy by wearing purple.


Take a deep breath for another dive! Since you are known for your intense emotions, you will have no problem becoming intimate during the eclipses in spring and autumn, when it is advisable to wear pale pink. Note the lunar eclipse on November 19, when your love thrills will return to a former partnership. The movement of Jupiter in Pisces from May 13 to July 28 will set you on a creative and extremely dreamy note. You will be willing to take more risks. The coincidence of Venus and Mars in your professional sphere on July 13 will clear all obstacles in your career development especially if you wear pale whites.


Attention, Sagittarius! Love will be the most confusing feeling for you in 2021. Try wearing brown to diffuse thеse frustrations. With the new cycle of Venus on March 26th, a new journey filled with fun and romance begins. As the North Node of Destiny emphasizes the sphere of your relationship, you will have fateful encounters during the eclipses in May and December. Neptune's stay in space and Jupiter's orbit in Pisces from May 13th to July 28th and from December 28th onwards, will shake your security and you will wonder how you feel towards your partners. Dress in purple to clear these confusions, which will help you move into such partnerships without fear or hesitation and will save you unnecessary fear associated with your personal space.


After all the tension for you in the past year, 2021 welcomes you with a new hopeful breath. After all the emotional turmoil and change, now is the time to focus your energy back on building your trust. The square of Saturn and Uranus will restore the old mood as a deja vu around February 14th, June 14th and December 24th. Before you can regain your strength, you will need to reconcile with friends you have hurt over the years in honest and direct conversations. Best to show up in purple to attract the universal help. Experience and lessons learned from your past mistakes will be crucial during these eclipses. Once you apologize and take responsibility for your actions, you will feel light and inspired to move on. Dressing in yellow should help you flourish after you path has been cleared of the past.


2021 calls on you to stop being super strict with yourself and doing this will suprely run smoother in light browns. During the orbits of the generous Jupiter and the limiting Saturn through your sun, you will feel confused and lost, with no clear direction in your life. The squaring of Saturn and Uranus will launch you from your comfort zone on February 14th, June 14th and December 24th; this energy will reach its peak during the lunar eclipse on November 19th. Fortunately, the eclipses in May and December will bring you much-needed support from friends which will feel even more profound in orange. They will help guide you by standing by you throughout the year, reminding you to laugh more and have fun in 2021.


This year, your professional efforts will give way to your personal life. The eclipses in May and December will push you to pay more attention than ever to your home and family and you will be successful in this if you wear more off-whites. When Jupiter enters through your sun sign from May 13th to July 28th and then again on December 28th, you will be able to succeed in all interpersonal relationships. This will help you thrive during the turbulence of the spring eclipse season. As you swim in the last days of summer and fall, you will have a chance to perform a deep inner healing that will lead you to the dreamt port of your own heart. To be more successful in this you should wear pale pastels towards the end of the summer.