Aries, this is your time for adventure, travel, taking risks, but most importantly, your time to be the truest version of yourselves! From January 2022, Mars, which is your ruling planet, will start enveloping its fiery nature and move from Sagittarius to Aries on March 2nd. During this great transition your decision-making will be led by a true cosmic force and wearing silver should help establish a strong connection with the universal source. The real pioneers and innovators should be ready to express their ideas. Long relationships might come to an abrupt and emotional end. But instead of using this overly-active time for suffering and frustration, try to embrace your newly-won freedom instead. Breathing out the weight of the past and breathing in the love of the new moon from the junction of Mars and Venus should be your priority from mid-February untill the end of March.


The new year will begin smoothly and quietly for those of you born under the sign of Taurus. Be careful not to lose yourselves in the wishes for material gains or decadent pleasures in January. In the period starting from the end of February you’ll be offered a prosperous business opportunity. The conjunction of Venus and Pluto will generate huge amounts of cosmic energy that will either give you wings to fly or bury you to the ground. The choice of how to act is yours! Be sure to wear black to keep your mind clear and make the right decisions. Try keeping your life in balance and remember that the canopy of the tree is as high in the clouds as its roots are deep in the ground.


Not one, but three major cosmic events will shape your destiny in the first months of 2022. Your ruling planet Mercury will conjunct consequently with Venus in January, Pluto in February and the invisible Saturn in March. You might feel melancholic or depressed, with no will to move towards productive thoughts. Try not to forget that ideas might seem bigger in your head than they are to materialize in the real world. This is your time to realize that great challenges bring great opportunities. Take control of your independence in areas of your life where you have to delegate decision-making to others. Dressing in the shades of the desert dunes will help you connect with whom you really are.


Dear Cancers, the beginning of 2022 will bring the need to make decisions about your personal life, family and your loved-ones. Your ruling planet, the Moon, changes its intensity in regard to other planets and will conjunct with Venus in January, with Saturn in February, and with Neptune in March. Although your life-long motto has always been ‘sharing is caring’, you’ll need to redefine your understanding of what love really means to you. Keep in mind that in some circumstances, keeping your distance could also be an expression of love and care. Wearing soft colors such as desert sage and desert dust should help you whether these intimate changes and will keep your personal space feeling fuller even if it is not.


Leos, this is your year of rebirth! Just like a phoenix, you will rise from your own ashes and concur your world. Be careful in February, when the Sun conjuncts with Jupiter in Aquarius, and make sure not to lose friends and important allies due to an illusionary perception of what your own pride means to you. Your place under the sun will be challenged, but only so that you can prove you truly deserve to wear the heavy crown. Stay true to your nature and spread your wings to fly. Make sure to dress in neutrals such as the desert dune especially after the second part of March when you will start living your new life to the fullest.


‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?’ Dear Virgos, 2022 is here to bring your inner glitter to the front! The conjunction of Mercury and Venus in January and February will give birth to your new star. After years of hard work and modest rewards, it is your time to claim the grand prize. Be confident in your own success and do not doubt that you deserve it! Dance, laugh and sing out loud. This is the time to show your real shine to the world. Wear white with confidence and keep your head held high and this will surely draw all the attention on you.


Dear Libras, sometimes harmony isn’t a given tool, but rather the result of clashing cosmic forces. In January 2022 you might need to step away from the comfort of your neutral equilibrium and take terminal decisions about delicate topics to your heart. The trine from your ruling planet Venus as a first morning star will luckily remove all the gray clouds from your sky in February, as your destiny will require your full and clear mind. New opportunities will arise on your horizon. Wearing white will then keep the cosmic energy neutral, and you will be able to make the right moves during these times of change.


The show must go on, Scorpios! You are entering 2022 with full throttle and the untamable charm of the conjunction of Mars and Antares, the brightest star in your sign, at your side. Your mystical magnetism will draw together everything that you need. It is time to prove that there is no one more fit to handle power and influence. Nothing will stand in the way of true wishes, and all obstacles will miraculously disappear the moment you near them. The combo of your spiritual color – nocturnal black , and silver will fit your mission perfectly. Romantically, your libido will dance in tune with the conjunction of Mars and Venus in March. Tantric feelings will rumble and draw everything and everyone around you, so be careful what you wish. It might come true!


And the winner is… Sagittarius! Mars entered your sign in the middle of December last year, so you will start 2022 felling a great amount of physical strength and stamina. Do not be surprised to hear your winning name called out regularly, especially in sports events. Moonlight blue is a color that will adapt to your needs to move both physically and mentally, but make sure to not overdo. In February, Jupiter will exalt in Pisces and you will start to feel great trust in the forces of the universe. You will become your truest self and will realize you are at the right moment in space and time. Rushing decision-making in not recommended before March, when Jupiter becomes visible again and conjuncts with the Sun.


Despite what you have envisioned as a stellar beginning of the New Year, you are kindly asked to sit back, relax and plan for the next trimester of 2022. This is what your transiting Venus through the Sun requires from you, and it is always better to succumb to the stars’ wishes. In these times you can focus on yourself and delegate all else that needs to be done. Do not worry, as you will lead people and work on your projects from the first week of February, but you should stick to the strategy crafted in January without veering too much from what you have already decided. From the last third of March you will once again be in your best shape and resources, both physical and not, will be abundant. Wear something similar to this little black dress to celebrate, and match it with a silver chain.


January 2022 is your time to grow and shine, Aquarius. Your authentic, and often avant-garde line of thought has often been met with skepticism amongst your peers, but this all change with the beginning of 2022. The transiting Saturn will dance around your sun, and this will give you the opportunity to make your dreams come true. This time around, your ideas will be seen as creative tools that solve complex problems, rather than mere attempts to distant yourself from the commercial masses. Choose camel and moonlight blue so that your plans transcend into reality, giving birth to the long-lasting foundation of what’s to come in the future.


Peace and calm is what January and February will bring you, dear Pisces. The universe will transform into a place where you can dream and feel as one with your creative self. With Jupiter in proximity to your sun, you can devote to your inner world and fantasies in colors and sounds. Wearing desert sage will surely wake your artistic soul and you will surprise even yourself with the result of this creative way of thinking. Others, who have lost their direction in life, will be attracted to your creative energy. In March the inviable Jupiter will return to Earth and you will have to manage matters of material nature and leave the world of make-believe behind.