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Are you ready to welcome the summer of 2022? June will bring you lots of energy, motivation and enthusiasm to assert and express yourself. You will find that you are full of passion to create, explore and compete in both your personal and professional lifes. The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter will empower you to show your brilliance and win first prize, but you should be careful not to run yourself dry. Venus and Mars will both enter your sign at the end of the month, which means a great amount of summer flirts and love to quench your emotional thirst.

Entering July, with the square of Pluto to Mars, you will be challenged to solve an important power play at your work place. Stay humble and calm, tame your impulsive nature, and try to think strategically. If you resist the temptation of an impulsive reactions, you might enjoy a favourable outcome at the end of the month through the conjunction of Mars and Uranus. Between 10-31st of August, celestial compositions will attract financial benefits, so open your pockets and let the cash flow in.

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• love – midnight black
• work - sunset dunes


This simmer, there is no rest for the wicked! Contrary to your peaceful nature and preference to stay in your comfort zone, June 2022 strikes directly by asking the fundamental ‘do you dare?’. On the 11th of June, the conjunction of Venus and Uranus will bring revealing insights about your personal relationships. Be open and embrace change, no matter how frightening it might seem at first, and try to make room for all that is new.

From the 19th of June onwards, the universe will reward you in both financial and emotional aspects. The combination of Venus with Neptune and Jupiter, as well as the trine with Pluto will bring you appreciation and recognition. The second week of July, Venus makes a trine with the retrograde Saturn, restoring your comfort and allowing you to have a few peaceful moments. Use this opportunity to revise past relationships and reflect on them.

August will be anything but boring! It will be the time to enjoy great moments of shared happiness with your beloved ones. Wake up the romantic soul inside you and let it create a magical summer experience.

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• love – white sands
• work – desert dust


June 2022 is happy to greet you with Mercury deriving from its retrograde phase. This period might feel like a heavy hangover, but don’t worry, it won't last long! If there is someone known for their remarkable adaptability and flexibility, turning the glass from half-empty to half-full, it is definitely you, and from the second week of June things will start to take a turn for the better. The hot summer vibes of July will contribute to higher chances for summer romance and flirtatious flings! If you have a serious partner, this period is perfect for rediscovering your relationship! The rise of Mercury as daystar will clear your mind and enrich you with great ideas and plans. Stick to them!

From 14th of July, Venus will gently touch your sun, making you euphoric. Try to focus on the bigger picture and don't lose yourself in the details. August might be the perfect time to take a break and secure time for yourself, no matter how tempting all the parties and social events might seem. The trine between Mercury and Pluto in the last week of August could bless you with useful insights, which could totally change your current life direction. Stay quiet for a moment, listen carefully, and reconnect with your most intuitive being.

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• love – camel
• vacation – white sands


Your summer will start very cozy, intimate, and peaceful. June will be the best time to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. Enjoy those moments and show your appreciation to those who truly deserve it. The full moon on the 14th and the sun in conjunction with the star Capella, will deliver not only financial but also emotional abundance.

After the slow June follows the exciting and adventurous July! Do not hesitate and say ‘yes’ to all kind of trips, social gatherings and career opportunities. Any change might seem frightful at first, but this period grants positive outcomes, so take advantage!

In August you will feel a strong confidence boost! If you have not done so yet, now will be the time to develop some healthy lifestyle habits. The end of the month will bring great success to all your endeavors. Thanks to the new moon in conjunction with the star Regulus, your glow won’t stay unnoticed. The self-empowerment gained through this time will encourage you to celebrate your successes and accept all the compliments coming your way.

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• night out – desert dust
• work – moonlight


Dear Lionesses, this June will make you reconsider your relationship status. Let yourself be guided not by the question ‘who do I want to spend the night with?’, but rather ‘who do I want to wake up next to?’ For those of you who have already found a partner, this is a reminder to respect each others boundaries and privacy. Saturn's trine to your sun will hone a rather more mature and long-term vision of what you want from love.

July is the month for adventures, fun, and parties! Pack light, but sexy! Your sun will sequentially make a sextile with Uranus on the 9th, followed by a trine with Jupiter on the 31st, which is a recipe for unforgettable experiences. The more exotic the destination, the better! This adventurous period will continue until the first week of August, so try to capture all the positive energy. Remember to trust your intuition! August will urge you to return to reality. Life will need you back on track, so no matter how many cocktails you drank the night before, do not run away from your responsibilities. Sober up and focus!

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• night out – desert dunes
• travel - sunset dunes


Take a deep breath as Mercury has been in retrograde for almost a month now. At the beginning of June, Mercury is in Taurus; the long-awaited and well-deserved professional growth will knock on your door! Open up to all the new career opportunities life has in store for you. You are known as one of the most emotionally intelligent and practical representatives of the entire zodiac. To prove that, the trine of Neptune and Pluto will remind you to not ignore your intuition when making future choices. Trust your guts!

From mid-July Venus is entering the sign of Gemini, which will be a period full of priceless time with your closest circle of family and friends. Be mindful, soak up the moments and recharge, because you will need your full battery for the upcoming months. August is all about thriving in your work place and celebrating your success. Give yourself the credit you deserve and keep grinding!

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• work – white sands
• leisure time - desert dunes


This summer has planned significant changes for you and your life! In June, the conjunction of Venus and Uranus, will stir up an unexpected cocktail of feelings, events and self-discoveries. Although you are recognized as the most harmonious representative of the zodiac with your balanced approach to life, sometimes you need to jump on the emotional roller coaster in order to get grounded. Patience is your strongest weapon, so use it to face the changes in your current relationships instead of rushing to start new ones.

If you are planning any summer escapes, July is your month! Enjoy the moments of freedom and take a deep breath – it is the perfect timing to be aware of your surroundings and accept all the changes. In August, Venus enters Cancer with its trine to Jupiter. During this period, expect heartfelt sensations, support from your loved ones, and tons of inspiration. It is exactly what you needed!

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• love – white sands
• travel - camel


Summer 2022 welcomes you with a rush of positive energy, fresh ideas, and inspirations! In June, the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter will have a strong impact on your creativity, allowing you to unleash your full-creative potential! Follow your inner voice and indulge in your favorite activities and hobbies. During this period, Venus will be very generous to your love life.

The end of July grants you the perfect opportunity to negotiate better conditions in your work place. You know best whether you need a promotion or a drastic change turning your career in a brand new direction. Accept sudden changes as an open portal to exercise your full potential. If anyone knows how to guide one’s own destiny, it is you! Jupiter is rising as daystar on the 2nd of August, which will flood you with good luck and unexpected good news. No matter the question, risk and say ‘yes’ and just ‘dance, dance, dance’ with all the good vibes around you!

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• leisure time – silver chain
• work – midnight black


You are known for your curiosity and adventurous spirit. How about something spectacular this June? Perhaps a bigger house or a trip around the world? It is up to you! The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter promises colossal energy and inspiration - catch the wave and surf through all the joy that comes your way!

The full moon on July the 13th will spice your partnerships with a pinch of playfulness. If you are not currently taken, stretch your love arrows, and aim at new targets. The chances of hitting the perfect one are as high as the temperature! On the 2nd of August, the planetary ruler of your sun, Jupiter, rises like a daystar, blessing your household with happiness and well-being. The second part of the month will reward you with well-deserved growth in the workplace. The summer is smiling at you. Smile back and enjoy!

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• love – camel
• travel – sunset dunes


Even if you love skiing, at some point you have to swap the skis for the swimsuit! Born in winter, summer is not your preferred period, but bear in mind that this June, Saturn, the ruling planet of your sun, culminates in your sign, which means success! Your inner voice will always whisper that you can do more, but try to enjoy the well-deserved rewards. In a more personal plan, this period has prepared some challenges to test your emotions.

After all the emotional earthquakes, July allows you to treat yourself to something expensive. Luxurious accessory, a trip to the beach or an elegant evening dress – it’s your call! August is perfect for establishing your long-term goals for self-improvement and career development. As people say “In every hurricane there is an eye where absolute peace lays”. Use your unique gift of looking at the world through this eye.

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• work – midnight black
• love – moonlight


As bearers of sparks from the divine fire of Olympus, you are the ones bringing the new visions and ideals of humanity! From the very first week of June, the conjunction of Uranus and Venus will bring all the needed changes that will contribute not only to yours but also the lives of your beloved ones. Every vision of the future meets resistance at the beginning, but keep reminding everyone, around you, of Seneca's thought “There is no point in stumbling over something behind you.”

If you are planning family tips and gatherings, loud evenings with friends or romantic dinners, July is the best time. During this period, all opportunities of buying or selling real estate will be extremely rewarding – don’t hesitate. August is your home time. Take care of yourself and spend time doing everything you love to do. Give a green light to your creativity!

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• vacation – silver chain
• self-expression – moonlight


Summer 2022 has come and you need to wait no longer. Dive into the beautiful sea of dreams and inspiration! In June, the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter will set you and all your emotions on fire! Assimilate this energy in the best way and translate it into your creative and long-cultivated talents. From the end of the month, the sextile of your sun with Venus will favor all types of activities in nature - picnics with friends; walks in the mountains, or swims in lakes or rivers. Gather the vitalizing energy and freshness of nature and use it in the upcoming months. July will be a wonderful month for the transformation of your home and interior. Grab the brush and paint your future!

On August 2, the sunrise of your ruling planet, Jupiter, as a daystar will give a solid boost to your confidence and intensify your intuition. This period will reward you with a clear vision of who you are and what your mission is.

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• vacation – desert dunes
• self-expression – white sands