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Dear Aries,

This month is a great opportunity to bring solid structure and organization to your life. Both your professional and personal life can benefit. The planet associated with luck and good fortune -Jupiter - is in your sign, which automatically helps you to remove your¬¬self from negative influences and to surround yourself with positive people. Listen carefully to your heart’s desires.

The invisible Venus, starting on October 1st will test the honesty in your relationships. The revelations during this period will help you get rid of toxic relations & will redirect your love life towards a more open and healthier path.

In November, the combination of retrograde Mars with a sextile of Mars and Sun, will grant you time to slow down and relax. It might be a great opportunity to spend some days in nature, restoring your powers and grounding yourself.

And who if not you to finish the year with a BANG? A new and exciting opportunity to find love is in store for you this December. The passion and sparks in your love life will make sure to keep you warm during the cold winter.

For this period, the stars recommend, wearing:
• love – Disco Shine
• career - Caviar Black


Dear Taurus,

October welcomes you with a challenge! Venus enters the 6th house in the beginning of the month, which can be considered a sign to pay attention to your health. During the full Moon in Taurus and the lunar eclipse on the 8th of November, you might feel more sensitive than usual, but try to embrace this side of yourself. No matter what changes the season might bring, ground yourself by using the following affirmation: I let flow and I let go of everything that does not serve me a purpose any longer!

This period is highly recommended for a cleanse - the house, the wardrobe, or the soul. New beginnings will only come to you once you’ve made space for them! November will question your love life. The position of Uranus will require you to fight for love and take things in your own hands! Keep in mind that only those ones who can embrace you deserve a place next to you.

December will reward you with a solid financial fortune. That could be the perfect time to invest and realize your business and entrepreneurial goals. Take the rest of 2022 to focus on everything going in your life currently.

For this period, the stars recommend:
• career – Chilli Red
• love – Black Shine


Dear Gemini,

October 2022 salutes you with powerful energy, allowing you to manifest your dreams. The position of Saturn will hand you the tools you need to reach your goals, and that is indeed focus and consistency. Grab everything you can from this period and use it wisely in the future.

The trine between Mars and Saturn in Aquarius empowers you and gives you the strength to reach for your highest aspirations & philosophical beliefs. Travel, explore & exceed! Jupiter in your 10th house, will bring new career opportunities. Don`t rush to take careless risks regarding your professional life. This period is not good for experiments, so only make changes if you are sure in the outcome.

November is a good time to focus on reconnecting with your body. It is recommended that you practice yoga and breathing exercises. Feel free to combine it with a period of detox. December will spice up your life with unpredictable flings and love excitements. Be playful and daring and don’t forget to enjoy the adventures coming your way!

For this period, the stars recommend:
• going out – Signature Purple
• love – Raspberry Red


Dear Cancers,

Is settling in your comfort zone surrounded only by family and close friends really everything you want? Better think twice because life has so much more in store for you.

In October your interest in supporting social causes and NGO initiatives will reach new peaks. You will feel the need to meet and spend more time with like-minded people.

Your sun will be favored by sextiles from Mercury, Virgo & Uranus, which will shake you up and dare you to take risks.

In November & December, influenced by the transition of Pluto in Capricorn, life will bring you closer to unleashing your inner forces. Prepare yourself for 2 months full of intensive encounters both personal and professional and brace yourself with patience.

In these last moments of the year, you will finally feel strength and less fear to assert yourself in your relationships. You might even surprise yourself with the confidence you exude. Saying no and leaving all the toxic partnerships behind, is something you wished to do, and now it comes with ease.

For this period, the stars recommend:
• career – Soft Gold
• be yourself – Signature Purple


Dear Leos,

October 2022 starts with a rising Mercury in Virgo. If you were waiting for a sign to make steps towards improving your financial situation, wait no more. Investing in real estate is your best option, so why not buying your dream place.

Speaking of investing, this month will be the perfect time to reconsider your attitude towards others. It would be a major advantage for you if you can learn how to integrate constructive criticism and use it to broaden your horizon. The Saturn in Aquarius will challenge you to think more for others without taking every opinion personally.

In November the conjunction between Venus and Mercury will square your sun, activating intensive emotions within your family. Try to use everything learned the previous month and stay humble and patient. Things will rapidly take turn from 1st of December. Embrace the end this year with joy and hope, while focusing on your favorite activities, hobbies and going out with friends. It will be the best time to enjoy yourself at a party, so put on your Bogdar outfit and go out!

For this period, the stars recommend:
• love – Golden Mist
• going out - Midnight glitter


Your majesty, Virgos

Now is the time to embrace your full brilliance! You were modest and lost for far too long. Your ruling planet, Mercury rises from the 1st of October, which will empower you to express yourself, your ideas, visions, and beliefs. You can take out your colorful personality to the surface and add some daring colors to your wardrobe. Notice how your authenticity will be appreciated from everyone in your surroundings, thanks to the trine of both Saturn & Uranus with your sun.

In November you will be introduced to a new philosophy which can inspire meaningful life changes. This is a great time for career growth, so dare to seek recognition and negotiate your position at your workplace. Don't be shy and give it a try!

The conjunction of Venus and Mercury in your 3rd house might create some confusion around you, so stay focused. Try to take it easy and do not rush with anything. December, as per usual, will be a festive, but for you this year more than others. It will be a great opportunity to spend time with your family and party with your friends. Enjoy all of it!

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• confidence – Caviar Black
• leisure time - Chilli Red


Dear Libras,

The last quarter of 2022 will test your strength & persistence. As a wise proverb says: the darkest moment is right before the sunrise. Your ruling planet Venus becomes invisible from the 1st of October and rises again on the 1st of December. This might affect your body and mind experience and cause self-defeat, self-pity, and melancholic moods. Escaping this loop will be possible through consistent sport activities, devoting to your beliefs or focusing on self-development. Just take a deep breath, ground yourself and use this period to do something meaningful for you.

The trine of Mars in Gemini upon your Sun favors traveling and exploration initiatives. At your workplace, keep yourself focused and don’t take any sudden decisions. Avoid high-risk financial investments. On a more personal level, don't isolate yourself. Now is the moment to be active in your communication with friends and your loved ones. They are capable to give you the support and courage you need. In December you will feel much more connected with your family so take this time to heal while surrounded by your safety net.

For this period, the stars recommend:
• love – Soft Gold
• travel - Purple Skies


Dear Scorpio,

As Autumn is advancing, the stars recommend paying attention to your heath and focusing on creating healthy habits. Jupiter’s position in your 6th house will reward your level of fitness, both your personal and work life.

The rotation of the Venus to your 12th house and Uranus’ transition to your 7th, will need you to stay alert. You need to be very cautious with your choices and surroundings during this period. Don't be tempted to take any financial risks at least until the 1st of December, when things take a better turn.

The love rollercoaster you are currently on will continue the whole of November. It is perhaps a good time to practice some self-love and work on achieving inner peace. Having a clear vision of who you are will automatically improve your role in your future and existing relationships.

The last month of 2022 will allow you to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy your accomplishments during the year. Celebrate and grab the festive wave. Full glamor on!

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• love – Black Shine
• career – Soft Gold


Dear Sagittarius,

Fall is here and you are thriving! The trine of Jupiter and your sun, will serve you as a sign to spend some quality me-time and find what makes you truly happy. October will bring to the table new career opportunities, which will satisfy your risk-loving and adventurous nature. It would be the right time to turn entrepreneurial ideas into business, or if you already have such - to expand it!

Mid-November life will throw few lemons at you, only to find out that you can juggle. During this period your intimate relationships might intensify but try to stay calm and resolve the issues with dignity. The opposition of Mars and your Sun forces you to lay all your cards on the table, because nothing is stronger than the truth!

The last moth of 2022 will cheer you up, wrapped with ribbon of luck and joy. The rising Venus will open with ease any door you knock on. Be careful in your choices and once you get in, grab with full hands. Right before the new year you might experience large success, which will bring you a long-term benefit. Embrace everything coming your way with a smile and a good outfit.

In order to positively affect the following aspects of your life, the stars recommend wearing:
• love – Chilli Red
• Instagram – Raspberry Red


Dear Capricorns,

Did anyone say vacation? If it was you, you have got it correct! October will be the best time for you to take some time off and go on an exciting trip. Allow yourself to explore not only new and exciting places, but also traits of your personality. It could also be a good idea to use the time off and dare yourself to do some of the craziest things on your bucket list. Being wild could be the best break from always putting your responsibilities as a top priority. The support of the rising Mercury in Virgo will give you the support you need to put yourself first for once.

If you are at a turning point in your career, just take a deep breath and think through your next steps. Be sure to be well rested before your next professional engagement.

December is the right time for you to practice your favorite activity – planning. The combination of Pluto transiting your Sun sign and creating trine to Uranus will be beneficial to your social life.

After the middle of the month everyone around you will enjoy your absolute, full-power charm. Use this moment to shine and be glamourous and what better way than getting yourself a new Bogdar outfit? Take your position as the star of the show and share your exquisite taste with the rest.

For this period, the stars recommend:
• travel – Signature Purple
• social – Caviar Black


Dear Aquarius,

October 2022 will open a new page and change your mindset. The old beliefs and aspirations will fade with Venus turning invisible. You will feel yourself becoming wiser and more mature. Saturn, throned in your sign, will justify your patience & forethoughts by helping you turn your geniality and marvelous ideas into reality.

During the last quarter of the year, your social life will be blooming. Going out or hosting events will come with such an ease, almost feel relaxing. It is possible to even meet your new love interest in one of your outings. Keep your eyes open!

Your power is contagious so use it to spread positivity and change the people around you. If you support any causes dear to your heart, it is great time to spread the word and create awareness. Try not to overwhelm yourself too much. Uranus squares your Sun and this can cause an explosion and lead you to burn out. The best way to spend what’s left of this year is in a cozy and peaceful environment, taking a break from the social storms experienced earlier.

For this period, the stars recommend:
• going out – Purple Skies
• self-expression – Signature Purple


Dear Pisces,

October 2022 has prepared many challenges. It dares you to break through the romantic and idealistic bubble you live in and dive into real world. Mars in Gemini urges you to not be naive and assert boundaries, especially within your closest relationships. Try to be clear and direct, when communicating your needs and expectations. This will help you build honest and strong relations.

The appearance of Mercury as morning star will shed light into hidden emotions and help you to overcome your fears, doubts & insecurities. Jupiter in Aries will grant you a solid financial support to materialize your dreams of investing in your future home.

November is expected to be calm and balanced, leaving you some time to focus on your favorite, creative activities. In the last minutes of 2022, what is best recommended for you is a spontaneous travel. A trip, exploring exotic cultures and meeting new people is exactly what you need! Submerse yourself into the new and don’t be surprised that during this period you might feel more at home than any other time. It is your true nature of explorer that surfaces.

For this period, the stars recommend:
• confidence – Black Shine
• self-expression – Midnight glitter