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Conscious Business Model

Conscious Business Model


Our clothes come in eco-friendly, acid-free paper that is FSC certified and made with soy ink. We are supplied by Noissue – a responsible and environmentally conscious company whose eco-packaging alliance contributes to global reforestation by matching orders with planted trees.


All the labels that your clothes come with are printed on recycled FSC certified paper. Each of our items comes with its unique sustainability passport that tells you more about how we sourced the fabric and what our supplier is doing to protect the environment.

Slow Fashion

Do you really need this much that fast? In order to fight against fast fashion’s harmful impact on the environment, and the overconsumption it brings, we have reduced the number of collections we make a year from four to two. This has not only allowed us to focus on each and every detail, but it has also made it possible to further commit to making outstanding, lasting pieces, not something you wear just few times.


Ever wonder why all styles made of the same fabric sell out at the same time? We recently switched to a made-to-order business model. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing we are able to quickly produce your personal order and thus respond to the actual demand for each piece and size. On-demand manufacturing allows us to reduce overproduction and waste. By doing so, we use all the fabrics we have ordered and leave no dead stock in the form of unpopular styles or sizes.