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The Bogdar Essence

The Bogdar Essence

Expression & Empowerment

It doesn’t matter where she is from, it doesn’t matter what age she is or what her measurements are, every woman is interesting, nuanced, and unique. Every woman has secret depths that she has yet to unveil and rules and conventions that she wants to break out of. Our mission is to give her the most beautiful tools to do so.

Once upon a time clothing might have been simply a necessity, but fashion has always been about expression and, for the women of today, it is about empowerment.

Creating Bogdar was about the always changing and always surprising essence of contemporary female fashion, about the always growing and always needed reality of female empowerment. Our clothes are not made to cover, they are made to bring out, to make a woman shine. She is our source of inspiration, our pieces are made in her image – bold, elegant, colourful, sophisticated and never the same as another – they exist to compliment her and give her yet another way of expressing the endless nuances of herself anywhere, at any time.

We believe that fashion should be personal, slow and deliberate. For this purpose, for every piece that carries the Bogdar label, we pick some of the finest fabrics in Europe, we bring together distinctive lines, eye-catching colours and refined technical details. We honour the unique self of every woman who wears our clothes with due reverence, uncluttered sophistication and unmistakable style.

Bogdar is built on the eternal ideal of being unapologetically and beautifully yourself and its goal has always been giving every woman the cloth, colours, comfort and confidence to express herself.