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The Bogdar Values


The first thing we want to earn is our community’s trust. This is why we share our philosophy and priorities with you, hoping they are yours as well. We make no compromise with our craft and values, we combine contemporary style with sustainable execution to offer you unique pieces produced in eco-conscious ways.

Our fabrics

We have always mostly used sustainable fabrics in our collections but starting from Spring/Summer 21 we commit to only using high-quality organic, biodegradable or recycled fabrics. We have never used leather and fur and this will stay so in the future.

Organic cotton

100% of the cotton that we use is now GOTS certified. Our organic fibers have been produced without the use of hazardous chemicals that pollute the environment, and have used less water. They have been traced back to their origin and the people who have grown them have received a fair pay.

Tree-friendly viscose

Instead of being made from cellulose coming from trees or plants, our viscose comes from the waste of the cotton crops that is usually thrown away. This saves plants and trees and ultimately reduces the carbon foot print of the raw material.

Recycled fibers

By using recycled fibers we give second life to raw materials that would otherwise end up in the ocean or in a landfill. This brings us one step closer to a circular fashion model.

Faux leather

We love animals so much, we would never use animal skin in our products. The faux leather we use is created in an environmentally-friendly manner that does not release CO2 in the atmosphere.

Organic silk

The organic silk we use is GOTS certified. It has been produced without the use of hazardous chemicals that pollute the environment, and has used less water to grow. It has also been traced back to its origin and the people who have grown it have received a fair pay.

TENCEL Lyocell

These fibers are sourced from renewable raw material wood. The fabric has been created in an environmentally responsible production process and is certified as compostable and biodegradable so it can fully revert back to nature.